Tip 8 of 21 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Premium Offer

Tip 8 of 21 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Premium Offer

Thank you! I created this guide to help savvy business owners like you get more out of your marketing spend. Before you spend $1 advertising, here are 21 things you can do right now to grow your business. The 21 tips are based on the “Four Mores of Marketing”.

more customers
more dollars
more product, and
more often.

Most businesses have one product or service that represents most of their sales. Think about how you can enhance it. You should provide a noticeable improvement to the value you offer. Perhaps the benefits last longer, or are achieved faster? Use premium materials? Ideally, it’s something that takes just as long to complete, with marginal increases to your cost, so you can offer it at a higher margin than your core product or service. You should genuinely believe the premium version of your core service is the best
you have to offer and provides the best outcome for your customer. Your core service then becomes a compromise of your best.

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