Marketing Strategies | Marketing Strategy | Marketing Plan | Business Marketing

Marketing Strategies | Marketing Strategy | Marketing Plan | Business Marketing

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I’m Brian Tucker with SimplySell and I took some time to create this video because I know every month thousands of corporate executives and established business owners around the world search the internet, looking for answers to questions they have — about how to come up with a winning marketing strategy — so they can sell more of their products or services, faster and easier.
These days, it’s really easy for people to search for answers online and try to figure out what might work before they call on a professional to help ’em out.
They’re usually looking for fast solutions, because they’re trying to find that one magic bullet, hoping it will bring them big results, and put more money in the bank, seemingly overnight.
A lot of successful people find themselves in this position because they already know what marketing is but don’t have the time or resources to do it because they’re too busy working in their business. Then there’s the group of people who’ve spent a lot of time and money trying market on their own and failed to see results. Finally, a lot of people don’t even know where to start.
You see most people think advertising is marketing, but it’s not.
Then you have the group of people who are frustrated because they’ve either spent a LOT of time and money with advertising firms that focus more on winning creative awards than bringing business in the door, or they’re using overpriced ad campaigns and marketing techniques that just aren’t working like they used to. You see in the past, all a business needed was some phone book or radio advertising to start bringing buyers in the door. Nowadays, with Internet search engines — like Google or Yahoo — and social media technology like Facebook and YouTube taking over, most businesses are looking online to supplement and even replace traditional advertising methods including newspapers and tv.
Then there’s the poor soul who’s stuck with an awful looking website, with no visitors and paying big money for the equivalent of a billboard in the middle of a desert. Finally, you have everyone out there claiming to be a search engine optimization expert or SEO guru, telling you that your business needs to be at the “top of Google”, leaving you with overpriced, here today gone tomorrow empty promises.
And just like these businesses — chances are you’re searching online for answers right now — because your business is also suffering from some of these same types of problems.
Maybe you’ve already tried to solve a few of these problems, either on your own and it didn’t work and you’re looking for someone who can help you figure all of this out so you can start winning more sales and bringing in the money you should be earning…
But you don’t need just someone, you need someone who also understands marketing, someone who speaks marketing and business fluently,
who really understands the business behind marketing and will drive immediate, even overnight changes to the way you market your products or services, so you can focus on growing your business.
Well luckily you’re still watching, because we help executives and established business owners just like you solve these kinds of problems and make big improvements to the way your company markets your products or services, so you can attract more customers, win more sales without trying so hard and grow without the pain most businesses face.
We can help you build a winning marketing strategy that will work for your business — without half-baked solutions, flashy advertising and techno buzzwords — and instead tap into real-live systems we’re using with similar clients right now, as well as data-backed reports that will show before and after results. Big results, using push-button systems that will start going to work for you on what seem like autopilot and pay you back.
We take a very simple approach that focuses only on time-proven strategies that will bring you measureable and long-term results because we understand one thing very well:
If you fail to sell more products and services then we’ve failed too. That’s our #1 priority, helping you win more sales so you can ultimately make more money.”
So, if you’re serious about making changes to the way your business approaches marketing, and need someone who can make it happen, you’re in luck.

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