How to Use Klaviyo on Shopify | The Ultimate Klaviyo Flow Account Setup

How to Use Klaviyo on Shopify | The Ultimate Klaviyo Flow Account Setup

Klaviyo is the best email marketing platform for Shopify brands hands down, but it won’t set itself up! In this video I’ll walk you through the Shopify and Klaviyo integration, all of the email automation flows you need for your Shopify website, and 3 additional subscription-specific flows powered by the ReCharge and Klaviyo integration. I’ll also touch on how to build emails in Klaviyo with dynamic content and how to utilize Recharge quick action links.

We will use REAL examples that we’re implementing day in and day out for our clients at electrIQ marketing to generate ROI increases month-over-month in their accounts.

And here’s the link to our free e-commerce audit if you’d like my team and I to take your account through an intensive audit where we’ll provide our recommendations for improvement: k

Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments with any questions!

0:00 – Intro to Flows
– 0:43 – Welcome Flow
– 3:00 – Post Purchase Flow
– 5:51 – Abandoned Cart Flow (both Add to Cart and Checkout Started Metric)
– 9:58 – Browse Abandon Flow
– 10:56 – Customer Winback Flow
– 12:42 – Price Drop Flow
14:08 – Summary of Shopify Klaviyo Flows

15:30 – Building Emails with Dynamic Content

18:56 – ReCharge Flows
– 21:10 – Upcoming Subscription Flow
– 25:00 – Subscription Cancelled Flow
–26:40 – Quick Action URLs
–29:00 – Custom Cancellation Reason Trigger Splits

30:45 – Recap!

Useful Links & Content Mentioned in the Video:
– Free ecommerce audit: k
– Lifetimely: /
– Custom Add to Cart Metric for Shopify & Klaviyo: y
– Configure Viewed Product Web Tracking for Shopify & Klaviyo (Browse Abandon Flow): 1
– Creating a Price Drop Flow: w
– Recharge Quick Actions: s
– Setting up Quick Actions: o

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