How to Grow a Small Business: growth marketing for startups (Part I)

How to Grow a Small Business: growth marketing for startups (Part I)

If you are just starting your business, figuring out your growth is, well, tough. Slidebean has the right tools and services to help your business grow successfully: />
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In this video, we cover:
-Growth at the early stages: 02:11
– Growth = Product: 02:27
– Do not Hire an Agency: 02:54
– Growth Costs are not an Expense: 03:27
– Be prepared to spend money: 04:08

-Unit economics: 05:35
– CAC: Cost of Acquisition 05:46
– Cost per Sign Up or cost per Download: 06:09
– Lifetime Value: 06:21

-Basic Growth Tactics: 07:30
-The Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking mindset: 09:39

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth: k
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